Preparing the First


Zafra news has observed how a group of Zafra students were taking a special class to prepare the First. Maybe you wonder what are we talking about. The First is an exam for people learning English who wish to obtain an internationally recognised qualification. The exam is organised on a yearly basis in major cities around the world and it is provided by the University of Cambridge. More than 5 million Cambridge English exams are taken each year.

Today the students have been practising the use of “should” and how to give advice. Later the teacher has shown them a web where, after registering, you have the opportunity not only to practise but to get information about your actual level as well as about your mistakes and suggestions on how to improve. Then the students have used this resource and have written a formal letter. They have immediately got feedback on their work so that they’ve been able to improve it.

If you happen to have internet it is an excellent resource, just in case you are interested here you have the address:


March 2016

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